Pellets with the highest quality parameters, compliant with the highest quality class A1 of the European standard for wood pellets EN ISO 17225-2.

GOLD pellet is an energy-efficient and ecological premium-class fuel. The high calorific value of GOLD pellets ensures excellent energy efficiency with minimal incineration. Wood pellets are made from sawdust of coniferous-deciduous trees pressed under high pressure and characterized by a light color.

Compared to wood pellets, other energy sources available on the market release many times more harmful substances into the atmosphere during combustion. Wood is the most ecological source not only in terms of clean combustion, but also a renewable source. In addition to the obvious arguments regarding ecology, it is also worth considering the home budget and the economy of combustion. Pellets are at the forefront of the most cost-effective heating solutions for both residential buildings and workplaces. The competition between eco-pea coal and ecological wood pellets comes down to the choice between the lowest price and the convenience of use.

It is manufactured in accordance with the highest standards in terms of the raw material used, production procedures and quality control procedures.

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Pellet Gold