OLIMP pellet is a modern ecological fuel used mainly by demanding customers. It is a very high-quality fuel produced from sawdust of coniferous trees. Olimp pellets are perfect for heating houses, living quarters and production plants.

As an excellent quality fuel, Olimp pellets are a great substitute for coke, coal, eco-pea coal and other types of solid fuels. It is one of the most convenient and easy-to-use fuels. Biomass such as pellets combines ecological features with convenience and efficiency while maintaining a good price (compared to other fuels, pellets turn out to be a relatively cheap solution).

Olimp pellet is an environmentally friendly product - burning one ton of pellets produces about 5 kilograms of ash, i.e. a small bucket. The ash pan in the pellet stove should be emptied once every 3-4 weeks, and the collected pellets can be successfully used as a natural and perfect fertilizer in the garden. It is worth adding that Olimp pellets are made of sawdust of coniferous trees, which (sawdust) are obtained as post-production residues from the garden architecture plant in the STELMET plant. Olimp pellets are made of sawdust from trees such as pine and spruce, which can be felt when opening the pellet bag - a pleasant forest scent rises in the room.

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Pellet Olimp